​Monumental Mason​ Services

​Bendigo Stonemasons provides a full range of monumental mason services and love working directly with clients to meet any custom requirements​, unique requests ensuring an enduring legacy prevails.  

Single Bed Polished Monument Bendigo Stonemasons


Bendigo Stonemasons offer a comprehensive range of monuments, both single and double and are Bendigos leading monumental mason services provider.  We offer custom design services to enable every client to get that special memorial they wish.

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Bendigo stonemasons granite headstone bronze plaque

​Headstones and Bases

​​Headstones ​and Bases are primarily designed for lawn cemeteries and installed on a concrete beam.
They are also suitable for installing in the monumental section of the cemetery if approved by the relevant cemetery trust.  All our headstone designs can also be used on a full monument.

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Bendigo Stonemasons Monument Restoration Bartlett


​Old monuments often need some TLC.  Sometimes ​they require a full demolition and rebuild, ​a replacement headstone​, a clean down, regild or replacing the stone chips.

Bendigo Stonemasons have a great sense of pride in having restored an old relic to its original condition.  Click to view more Restorations Here

Bendigo stonemasons - memorial book plaque

​​Lawn Memorials

​We have a comprehensive range of lawn memorials. All polished desks, both single and double;
Desk plaques with vases incorporated into the design or Granite book plaques are just some of the options available. Vases, Ceramic Photos and artwork are also available and often gold gilded or made of bronze.
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Bendigo stonemasons granite kitchen benchtop

Stone Benchtops & Other Services

​​Bendigo Stonemasons ​manufacture and install marble and grainite benchtops.
​We love ​to work with natural granite although we also offer re-constituted stone benchtops.  Our edges are 20mm for mitered to suit your needs.

Additionally, we ​provide design services and stone signage.  Click to ​Kitchen and Bathroom Benchtops.

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