Full Monuments

Bendigo Stonemasons can custom design a full range of Full Monuments.  Whether they are Single or Double monuments, speak to Rob and the friendly team to get a better idea how they can fulfill your wishes.

What You May Not Know

A Single Monument can allow for two burials, in the same single allotment.
A Double Monument can allow for two burials side by side, or as described above, for a total of four burials.

Single Monuments

​The term ‘single’ monument defines the width of the memorial which means it covers one grave site, even though there may still be more than one interment.

We can custom design a special single monument for you or match existing family monuments. 

When replicating a monument, we take great care to match the stone, the height and the inscription layout and font so that it depicts the connection.

A sample of our work

Double Monuments

A double monument covers two grave sites and can be a tasteful way to connect two family graves.

The durability of a double monument is the same as a single monument. If installed and erected
correctly it will last indefinitely..

A sample of our work

​​Monumental Masons Bendigo

Bendigo Stonemasons range of monuments is extensive and we have a design and a price range to suit everyone and there are many more designs available than shown here.

We can custom design a monument for you whether it be Single, Double, All Polished, Sawn, Rustic, standard height or taller.

We use Australian granite from our local quarries as much as is possible and we also offer imported, all polished memorials.  We use the old traditional methods of manufacture and installation.

It is important that the monument be installed correctly with piers, foundations, reinforcing, dowels and cement and
conform to The Australian Standards.

Our standard height kerbs (see our terminology picture) are 250mm (10”) high and 180mm (7”) wide.   The piers and foundation are poured on site and all joints are pitched, dowelled and cemented.

​Bendigo Stonemasons monuments are fully guaranteed.

Bendigo Stonemasons

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Headstones & Bases

From the lawn to monuments, we can design, build and install a quality monument to suit your needs.


​​Every monument in need of refurbishment is unique.
There is no better feeling than seeing an old memorial come back to its original beauty.

Lawn Memorials

We have a comprehensive range of lawn memorials. All memorials are individually designed. Different coloured stone, sizes and shapes are all available.

Custom Stone Work

Using natural granite, natural marble and reconstituted stone can be hand-crafted specifically for your needs. All products are professionally fitted.