Our ancestor’s monuments deserved to be preserved. ​It’s quite common to see them with tall headstones, carved artwork and iron fences. They are a true example of past craftsmanship and are full of character and are a tribute to our past.


It’s not uncommon for families to discover whilst tracing their family history a monument in need of some maintenance or restoration.

The memorial may have a leaning, fallen or broken headstone, concrete top which has broken in, or the whole structure leaning and sinking to one side or area. It may just require a clean down or a re-gild of the inscription.

It is important to have a stonemason inspect the monument and give you an honest appraisal.

Restoration Before & After


​​Every monument in need of refurbishment is unique.

It may require a full demolition ​and rebuild with new piers and reinforced concrete foundation.
Other times we can jack up and replace a pier under a corner of base.

Bendigo Stonemasons can build replica headstones with the original artwork design​. Fences can be cleaned and painted
and missing parts replaced.

Additionally, broken concrete tops can be replaced along with granite stone chips ​without disruption to the memorial.

There is no better feeling than seeing an old memorial come back to its original beauty.

Before & After

Bendigo Stonemasons

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We use Australian granite from our local quarries as much as is possible and we also offer imported, all polished memorials.

Headstones & Bases

From the lawn to monuments, we can design, build and install a quality monument to suit your needs.

Lawn Memorials

We have a comprehensive range of lawn memorials. All memorials are individually designed. Different coloured stone, sizes and shapes are all available.

Custom Stone Work

Using natural granite, natural marble and reconstituted stone can be hand-crafted specifically for your needs. All products are professionally fitted.