​Northern Terrazzo Co / Monumental Masons

Bendigo Stonemasons are proud and privileged to carry on the name and traditions

Northern Terrazzo Company has been long known in the Bendigo & Country Victoria ​for ​their commitment to excellence in stonemasonry continuously displaying true craftsmanship, ​and compassionate & caring service which depicts the good and honest character of the ‘Miles’ family.
The business was run in partnership by brothers Arthur and Ray Miles following the passing of their father and over the years, in particular the later years, the company worked closely with other stonemasons in the region with respect and good humour.
Some time after the retirement of the Miles brothers and the company ceasing to trade, Ray Miles requested B. L. Johns Monumental Mason – now Bendigo Stonemasons – to register the business name and thus ensure their legacy of quality craftmanship, dedicated service and their ‘trusted’ business name continued on.
Our working connection with the ‘Miles’ family endures with Christopher Miles continuing the art of hand cut lettering, taught to him by his grandfather Ray Miles.  All our hand cut lettering is completed by Chris.  This skill and talent is invaluable to our industry where many of the old hand crafts are disappearing.  It allows inscriptions to be cut to match the original ones or to create a new or heritage headstone.

“Bendigo Stonemason’s values of high quality, customer care and pride in our work echo the traditions which were held in such high esteem by Northern Terrazzo Company and we are proud and privileged to carry on the name and traditions.”

Cemetery Tags

​If you see a Norther Terrazzo cemetery tag such as this one, please know that the same commitment to high quality workmanship, customer care and satisfaction lives on at Bendigo Stonemasons.

​Bendigo Stonemasons are the only organisation permitted to use the name Northern Terrazzo Co or it’s derivatives.