About Us

Bendigo Stonemason

since 1913

Bendigo Stonemasons​ has a proud history covering over 100 years.

Our Values and Mission

Bendigo Stonemasons values of Honesty, Transparency and Quality are not simply a company statement, they are what we truly believe in and aim to deliver every single day.

We recognise that losing a loved one is an emotional and confusing time. All our clients are treated in a professional, kind and caring manner. The installation of a memorial is an integral part of honouring and recognising a life and life achievements. It also offers comfort to those left behind showing their love and respect. 

Our History

The business began on the current site in 1913 as J. Harris. It has undergone several changes of ownership from J.W. Woods in 1927, N. F. Woods in 1959 ​to B. L. Johns Monumental Mason in 1975.

In 2017, B. L. Johns retired and the business was ​bought by Rob Meharry. The business name evolved once again to Bendigo Stonemasons.

​The tradition of creating and installing high quality, beautiful monuments and memorials in cemeteries right across Victoria has been handed down from owner to owner since 1913.

Bendigo Stonemasons are passionate in continuing to provide the same high quality services and workmanship for their clients.

Our focus is to provide our clients with a high quality memorial that will stand the test of time and ensure that every client is totally satisfied.

“The World of stonemasonry can be confusing and many times, the infrequency of needing a stonemason means many people really do not know the tips and tricks to getting what they want without being disappointed in someway.”

Where We Source Our ​Stone

Australian Granite

​We believe it is important to support Australian and local industries.  As such, our ‘Harcourt Grey’ Granite is quarried just down the road at Mount Alexander, ​near Bendigo in Victoria.

Australian ‘Harcourt Grey’ granite has a nice blue tone and is dense and strong making it an excellent choice for monuments.
Using our local stone gives you the option to have any finish you want, such as:

  • Sawn,
  • Rustic or
  • Polished (refer to our terminology picture).


Imported Stone and Granite

​​Bendigo Stonemasons also offer imported granite, usually from China. However, ​our stone is sourced from all over the world depending on the colour requirements.  Imported stone and monuments are predominately an ‘All Polished’ finish.  

Headstones, Bases and Lawn Memorials are usually Black or Grandee granite.  
The ‘Grandee’ Granite is quarried in NSW.
Black granite being hard to find in Australia is u​sually imported.